Valentine’s Event Crimson Days Seems Likely To Return in Destiny 2

Hey, destiny players! Valentine’s day is coming! What can you expect in this romantic festival? Well, during this time you may get a little romance in February. According to a data mine of the Destiny 2 files, the Crimson Days event will be making a return this February, in time for Valentine’s Day. is a good Destiny 2 Items site to offer the detailed information about Valentine’s Event Crimson Days for you, just keep your eyes on here.

If you have played Destiny 1 and joined the event, you can know that the event featured a new PvP playlist called Crimson Doubles, where two teams of two would face off and if a teammate went down the other player would get a significant buff to movement speed, handling, reload, and more. In essence, the mode encouraged players to stick together and avenge the other should he/she go down. For those that might not be familiar, Crimson Days is an event themed around Valentine’s Day that centers on the doubles playlist.

What will be added into the Valentine’s Event Crimson Days?

1.A Crimson Days quest. We know the event will start with a quest run by Eververse’s Tess Everis, who will award participants with a free engram. However, Lord Shaxx will also offer a Crimson Days quest in Destiny 2, and maybe even Tyra Karn.
2.Crimson Doubles, a 2v2 Crucible mode, will also return to Destiny 2, and some of the art assets suggest you might be able to participate in Crimson Days in raid or other PvE activities.
3.Rewards on offer seem to include the usual Eververse fare - emotes, shaders, sparrows, transmat effects and ornaments. They’re mostly themed around hearts, roses, and romantic gestures.

In a word, these contents are similar to past Destiny events. Destiny 2 players had a lot to say about how stingy The Dawning was with loot boxes, so we hope Bungie changes course before Crimson Days drops - presumably in February, alongside Valentine’s Day.

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