New Expansion “Forsaken” Coming to Destiny 2 on Sept. 4

Dear players, Destiny 2 will bring a big new expansion in September, called “Forsaken.” It looks fantastic. The upcoming release will change many aspects of the game, will share all the changes coming to Destiny 2 starting September 4.

Here’s a first look at what will be added into Destiny 2 “Forsaken”, which is starting September 4. BTW, is providing lots of cheapest destiny 2 items and destiny 2 CDK, don’t miss the best chance.

A decidedly darker and grittier tone
The first new area - the Tangled Shore
A new alien race to Destiny 2 called the Scorn
Bigger bads in the Forsaken expansion called “barons” 
An all-new weapon type to Destiny 2: Compound bows
Super abilities are also getting a big upgrade
Each of the nine different subclasses in Destiny 2 are getting a brand-new super ability.
Solar titans can now wield a massive flaming hammer that, when you swing it at an enemy, creates a massive fire tornado.
The Dreaming City is littered with unique areas and puzzles you need to solve.
An all-new game mode to Destiny 2 called Gambit.
Add in-game lore

Are you ready? “Destiny 2: Forsaken” launches on Sept. 4 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Let’s stay turned! If you want to get more information about destiny 2’s new expansion, you can come to the official website or destinyitem to learn more. Well, huge Destiny 2 Power Leveling and Destiny 2 Glimmer are hot sale on, welcome to our site to enjoying our cheapest prices and fast delivery.