New Changes Coming To Destiny 2: Forsaken

As we expected, Destiny 2: Forsaken has finally been released, well, you will be able to experience the new destiny 2. The expansion will bring lots of new things that you can explore new areas, earn new weapons, collect new gear, fight new enemies, and conquer a new raid. Bungie will also bring some quality of life changes to all of Destiny 2, whether or not you own the DLC.

In a nine-minute ViDoc by Bungie, it detailed the changes coming to Destiny 2 this fall. Look at this post, you will get more Forsaken information. Also, is offering cheap destiny 2 items and destiny 2 tokens to help your game faster. Here’s something you should know about the upcoming expansion.

1.New Locations
Forsaken will offer players two new spaces to explore: Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

2.New Supers and Class Trees
Players will be able to customize their current subclasses in new ways, and each subclass will be getting a new super and that there will be new subclass paths to choose from.

Gunslinger alternative: “Fire knives”
Arcstrider alternative: “Spinning staff”
Nightstalker alternative: Shadowmark
Dawnblade alternative: “Blade stab”
Voidwalker alternative: “Teleportation explosion” 
Stormcaller alternative: “Lightning beam”
Striker alternative: “Lightning flying”
Sunbreaker alternative: “Big hammer”
Sentinel alternative: Unknown

3.New Weapon System
The weapon slot system from Destiny 2 is being dramatically reworked. players can use the current system still if they like it, use the system from Destiny if they liked that — shotguns, sniper rifles, and fusion rifles returning to the second slot — or you can do something totally off the wall like three shotguns.

a.Masterwork Upgrade: The ViDoc eluded to some serious changes to the masterwork system.Perhaps guns will be able to level up and get new perks like in Destiny?
b. MOD Upgrade: We know nothing about this new system, simply that it exists.
c. Bow and Arrow is here: Destiny 2: Forsaken is bringing a completely new class of weapon to the game, players will now be able to pick up a bow and arrow.

4.New Exotics
A new Destiny content drop always means new exotic weapons and armor to grab: Ace of Spades, Exotic trace rifle, Exotic triple barrel auto rifle, Exotic void sword, Exotic “not Thorn” hand cannon, Trinity Ghoul exotic bow and Twin Rabbit.

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