How to Get Warmind’s Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2

Destinyitem today will share an article about how to get Warmind Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2, if you want to get them, then this post will bring you the best tips.

During the first week of Destiny 2‘s new Warmind expansion, players came across the Nascent Dawn quest, which would lead them on a five-part quest timegated across multiple weekly resets. The ultimate reward of the quest is the Polaris Lance exotic scout rifle, an extremely powerful exotic for PvE activities. By the way, it is the best place to buy destiny 2 Missions and Destiny 2 Glimmer on

The reason Polaris Lance is so good lies in its exotic perk, “The Perfect Fifth”:

Precision hits return ammo to the mag. Landing 4 precision hits loads a delayed Solar explosive round for your next shot.

One of the best applications of that perk is against bosses or enemies with big critical hit areas like Calus in the Leviathan raid or Fallen Spider Tanks. Landing precision hits reloads ammo straight into the magazine, which means if players can keep hitting precision hits they don’t have to reload. Even better, that ammo isn’t being taken from the weapon’s reserve ammo, instead extra ammo spawns directly into the active magazine. Next, landing four precision hits makes the next bullet a powerful Solar round that explodes after a delay and applies burn damage.

As Destiny 2 players have gotten their hands on Polaris Lance, they’ve discovered this a fantastic weapon for use in PvE, but completely useless in PvP. Its weapon archetype of a high-impact scout rifle is completely out of the PvP meta and its perks don’t have much use in the Crucible either.

To get the Polaris Lance, players need to follow the Nascent Dawn quest that they receive from Ana Bray after completing the campaign for Warmind and the next planetary quest mission (blue shield icon) called “Legacy Code.” Players will find the Nascent Dawn quest in their Pursuits tab in their Inventory screen. It starts with Nascent Dawn 1/5, denoting a five-part quest.

Originally, each part of the quest unlocked one week at a time but at this point, players can continue through all the unlocked steps of the quest without waiting for the next weekly reset. Check the quest node in the Pursuits tab to get the next step; the instructions are pretty self-explanatory. The part of the quest that might get player tripped up is finding the nodes at the end of each step.

Completing the Nascent Dawn 1/5 unlocks the ability to collect Override codes. The second of five steps rewards the Legendary version of Polaris Lance, the Braytech RWP MK II scout rifle. Step 3/5 rewards the Masterwork version of the Legendary scout rifle. In 4/5, the Polaris Lance is given to the player for completion. Upon the next weekly reset on June 5, the final step will unlock with the theory being that it will award the Masterwork version of the Polaris Lance. is always here offering you cheap destiny 2 items. As a reliable destiny 2 store, we are doing our best to offer you professional customer service. If you buy destiny 2 items, destiny 2 currency or other products at our site, you will enjoy the cheapest prices and highest quality of destiny 2 items. Why not have a try? Big discounts are waiting for you.