Destinyitem Shows “Eater of Worlds” Raid Lair Guide

As you know, Destiny 2's first Raid Lair, Eater of Worlds, is available now. Today will share with you the best “Eater of Worlds” Raid Lair guide to help you have a smooth game experience. Also, you can buy destiny 2 items here for saving your money.

First of all, what you should know is that it's not as long or as challenging as the Leviathan Raid, but this new take on an end-game activity by Bungie's ever-impressive Raid team is one of the most satisfying encounters in the series' history. Here are the detailed tips to help you out. Don’t forget to buy safe destiny 2 items from enjoying lowest price and fast delivery.

Eater of Worlds sees a fireteam of six returning to Emperor Calus' Leviathan ship. This time, though, the fight is taken beneath the surface of the castle and, quite literally, into the belly of the beast.

Escape the reactor
Enter the area straight ahead of the spawn and continue down the pathway until you end up in a purple area with water all around you. You will notice a piston in the water. Have your team stand in a single file line and have the person in front jump on the piston. When they do, a second piston will spawn in front of it. The front of the line moves while the rest of the team follows on each piston, leaving one person on a piston at a time.

If more than one person stands on a piston for too long, they will all reset and recede into the water and kill your team. Take your time, be patient, and move in a single file line until you reach the other side of the massive room. There will be a number of checkpoints along the way. When you reach the other side of the room, Cabal enemies will start spawning in. Hold the line and kill them all and you will be rewarded with a loot chest. Grab your loot and continue on.

Delve deeper
Jump down the massive fan shaft and make your way through a massive engine room with pistons that create an electric energy burst that will kill you in one hit. Time your movement across the room and hide behind the L-shaped walls along the way.

Next, jump into the giant barrel and you will get shot out into the belly of the Leviathan. Use your jump button to navigate through the debris and optional rings (if you go through all six rings, you will earn a bonus loot chest) and make your way down. Keep moving down in the area, jumping as you go, until you reach the final boss arena.

Break the barrier
Get to know this arena well, because it's where you'll be spending your time in the next two encounters. Get familiar with jumping routes around the massive cube-shaped thing in the middle, and take note of the different colored flaming altars around the area.

There's a blue (Arc), purple (Void), and red (Solar) altar, the triumvirate you should be used to by now if you've played Destiny for any extended period of time. These altars are very important. Split your group into three teams of two, one for each altar.

You will notice six Vex Craniums that spawn around the arena. When you pick one up, the encounter will begin. Place the Craniums on the altars to begin to charge them up. Adds will begin to spawn, and eventually, mines will appear on the giant cube in the middle.

Kill adds and stay alive while you keep an eye on the colors of the mines. Make sure to call out to your teammates which color they are, and begin the process of using the appropriate charged Craniums to destroy the mines. A Solar Cranium will destroy a red mine, etc. If a mine is left active for too long, it will explode and your team will die. As you clear the mines, the cube will begin to break away. Destroy enough mines and the cube will break off entirely, spawning a loot chest and revealing the final boss within.

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