Destinyitem All Factions Guide: How To Farm Every Enemy Type

Destiny 2 players, welcome to our site and read our news! Today will share all factions guide to help you farm every enemy type. For The Dawning, you need to find out lots of different enemy types - from Servitors to Minotaurs to Hive Wizards. Read this article you will get the best and easy tips to help your game smooth.

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Fallen - Servitors
There are multiple ways to find Servitors: one of the easiest is through Public Events. Find Public Events on Earth, in the Outskirts and in Firebase Hades. The fastest way to find Servitors is on Nessus. Go to the Exodus Black Landing Zone. There’s a Vex Lost Sector left of the Exodus Black crash site, built into the hull wall. Enter The Rift Lost Sector. A Servitor spawns near the entrance. Destroy it, leave the sector, and return to respawn.

Hive - Thrall
Like all Hive enemies, the best place to farm is on Titan, The Rig. Fight in the Witches’ Ritual Public Event in The Rig when it’s active to earn tons of Thrall kills. When the event isn’t active, you can travel down into the DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector, located just beneath the public event, and clear the area for even more Thrall.

Hive - Acolytes
Drop onto Titan, The Rig to hunt for Acolytes. Go down onto the outer-wall catwalk to find the stairwell entrance down to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector. The area is full of Acolytes - it should only take a few visits to complete your hunt quest. Simply leave the area and return to respawn these guaranteed Acolytes.

Hive - Wizards
There are two good spots to farm Wizards on Titan. One is located near the Siren’s Watch Landing Zone, and the other is in the Solarium. The Solarium takes more time to reach, but you’re more likely to find Wizards there. Start at the Siren’s Watch Landing Zone and travel down into the interior room that’s infested with a Hive nest. A Wizard usually spawns here.

Respawn at the Landing Zone and keep entering the nest to farm the Wizard. Or, travel into the Solarium (there is no easy fast travel option) and you’ll usually find a Wizard on the left side as you enter the Solarium proper. Continue into the Arboretum (left door) and backtrack out to respawn the Wizard.

Vex - Hobgoblins
Travel to Nessus, Artifact’s Edge and enter The Orrery Lost Sector through the caves to the left, after dropping down from the Landing Zone. You’ll find about 10 Hobgoblins in the cave. Like all Lost Sectors, it resets when you leave / re-enter the zone. Unfortunately, you’ll need to clear a lot of trash mobs and move deeper into the cave to make some of the Hobgoblins spawn.

Vex - Fanatics
To hunt Fanatics, travel to The Rupture on Io. From The Rupture, enter The Endless Gate Lost Sector. There are 6 Fanatics you can destroy in the back chamber of the cave. Because the sector is large, you’ll want to respawn at the Patrol to reset the Lost Sector.

Vex - Minotaurs
Land on Nessus, The Tangle and begin the Adventure “Release” to find a pretty great Minotaur hunting spot. Your first objective will send you into a cave called The Mists. There are four Minotaurs located inside. Kill them all, then suicide yourself to respawn outside the cave — re-enter and the Minotaurs will also respawn.

Cabal - Red Legion
The best place to farm Red Legion is on Mercury, the exclusive new DLC area included in The Curse of Osiris add-on. Travel to Mercury, The Lighthouse. Grab an accurate weapon, then jump onto the large gold circle to the right as you leave the Lighthouse.

You’ll get a good vantage over a group of Red Legion that constantly respawn on the dirt hill below. The right-hand edge of the map, on the red-brown dirt paths, is where you’ll find constantly-respawning Red Legion groups.
Follow these steps and have a try. Hope you have a good experience by trying these guides. What’s more, remember to buy Destiny 2 Light level and Destiny 2 Events at the most reasonable price on Big discounts are waiting for you!