Destiny 2: Lord Saladin Returns To the Tower in Season 2

According to, players can look forward to a new event in Destiny 2. Yes, a battle of Guardian versus Guardian will return. This will be the first time Lord Saladin returns to the Tower in Season 2. What can you expect and what changes will be added in this update? Want to decorate your Guardian with relics of the Iron Lords? Just pay attention to our article, will show you more details.

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When the event will be held?

The event will be start on Tuesday, January 30 and ended on Tuesday, February 6. Don’t miss it!

What will be added?

They will add new items to the engrams you will find waiting for you when you visit Lord Saladin. There will definitely be Season 2 weapons in the Iron Banner Engram and they will be adding more in the next event.

What rewards you will get next week?

You are able to earn Hand Cannon, Scout Rifle, Shotgun and the Iron Banner ship by completing the Iron Banner Milestone. Another way to earn rewards is by completing challenges. Ornaments are available for all your Iron Banner gear and you can unlock them by completing various objectives for Lord Saladin.

As the official website showed, there are no limits to how many engrams you can acquire or how many tokens you can earn. Get as much playtime as you can during the week. It will always move you a little closer to opening another engram, earning an ornament, or purchasing a piece of gear.

Good luck! Join in the event and earn more prizes! Of course, if you want cheap Destiny 2 Light level and glimmer, is your wisest choice for saving your money. Also, we provide destiny 2 items at the most competitive price, why not have a try?