Destiny 2 Plans To Rework Nightfall Strikes With Upcoming Changes

As the official website announced, Bungie plans to rework the scoring system to encourage players to kill more enemies. As you see, the current system kicks you out of a Nightfall strike if you go over the time limits. This post will show you how Bungie rework nightfall strikes and what new changes will be added and what rewards will you get in Destiny 2.

Now destiny 2 is reworking the strikes across a series of future patches to create a new scoring system, which lets players take their time if they want to, and rewards every kill. If you need Destiny 2 items with high quality, we highly recommended Remember your score will be the sum total of your team's individual points, and the easiest ways to ramp it up will be killing enemies and generating orbs by popping your Super abilities. 

Check out the following part according to the official website:
“The new nightfall scoring rules are intended to be better at a few specific things:
Reward you for engaging and defeating enemies instead of running past them.
Avoid over-emphasizing specific mechanics like precision kills that highlight certain areas of the sandbox (and/or punish other areas), so that players are the ones who determine the most effective Meta.
Reward you for taking on greater challenges up to the limits of your own capabilities.
Reward you for doing the above quickly and over the course of a short run versus long slogs over several hours.

Scoring cuts off after time thresholds. At 15 minutes, new points earned are reduced by 50%. At 18 minutes, you stop earning new points and it’s a race to finish the run and post your score. We want time to matter (see above), but we also want to avoid some of the problems we saw with Prison of Elders, where a “high score” might involve punishing respawning combatants (and yourself) for a few hours until the novelty wore off. A good Nightfall clear shouldn’t feel like a slog.

On top of the above mechanics are Challenge Cards, items that offer ways to boost the challenge in exchange for score multipliers. In 1.1.3 there will be a challenge card that drops from completing a Nightfall run. It has some customization options to help tune the challenge level to what you and your fireteam are capable of.” 

What Rewards Will You Get?

You can see their (and your) scores on new Nightfall Emblems available as drops in each Nightfall strike. These emblems (and others like them) are now the source of auras, which are automatically enabled if your personal score is above a global threshold. At first the thresholds will be set based on what we think might be tough for players to reach, but we look forward to you showing us how much we underestimated you. Then we can raise the bar based on community scores.

Along with the aura, a personal score over the threshold will also unlock a fireteam-wide buff that boosts Vanguard Token drops in that strike by 25%. When your fireteam sees the Nightfall Aura on your head, they know who’s hooking them up. 

Lastly, some rarer variants of these Nightfall Emblems will be available as drops at higher score thresholds. Obtaining these rewards is meant to be challenging, so we don’t expect everyone to reach these scores or collect these items. is a fantastic website to offer you latest news and best guide of Destiny 2. If you want to know more information about Destiny 2, please keep your eyes on our site. Now we prepare some awesome Destiny 2 Power Leveling and cheap Destiny 2 Achievement for your game, just get it at the most reasonable price and fast delivery here. You will never be disappointed!