Destiny 2 News: Masterwork Armor and Raid Reward Changes Are Coming

Recently, Bungie seems to meet some difficulties about Destiny 2, but they are still willing to do their best to solve these questions and give players a comfortable game experience. Let’s give Destiny 2 some time and we believe they will deal with it better! According to the developer, they will bring some updates including Masterwork Armor and Raid reward changes. would like to share the upcoming masterwork armor and raid reward changes with you. Don’t forget to buy destiny 2 currency or Destiny 2 Light Level with the competitive price here. Also, there are some hot products for sale in our homepage like Destiny 2 Light Level Upgrade 1-200, 200-300 and Weekly Milestone: Leviathan etc.

Masterwork Armor
Masterwork Armor will be available in Destiny 2 on January 30, 2018, with the gear offering better damage reduction when using a Super ability, and the chance to re-roll for a better stat type. What’s more is that it can be upgraded using Cores and Shards tied to Masterworks.

Raid Reward Changes
The Destiny 2 update will also change how rewards in Raids will operate. As it so happens, game director Christopher Barrett previously explained the changes, saying the rewards will have mods with “Raid-specific perks,” with Bungie also working “to ensure a Raid item drops from each major encounter.”

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