Destiny 2 Is Adding A New Way To Earn Double XP

Hey, guys! According to the latest news, Destiny 2 is adding a new way to get double XP. Do you want to get Double XP easily? Here destinyitem will introduce the new guide of how to earn Double XP. While the Clarion Call event, which was announced last week, goes into effect starting on November 17 at 10 AM PT. Read on for more details.

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To earn double XP in the Clarion Call event, you have to be in a clan, though if you're not already you can create or join one during the event and still get the reward. Once you're in a clan, fighting alongside teammates in activities will yield double XP toward bright engrams for Destiny 2 Season 1. The double XP event ends on November 20.

All the information about how to create or join a clan can be found here on Bungie's website. It's a relatively simple process, and well worth doing to get that double XP reward if you are interested. If you're a solo player, you'll have a chance to earn double XP at a later date. Bungie announced recently that future Clarion Call events will offer rewards for solo players, though as of yet, there are no specifics about when the event will happen.

As you know, Bungie has announced that Destiny 2's Iron Banner event is coming back next week. It marks the first Iron Banner for PC, and the last one in Destiny 2's Season One. Additionally, Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, launches in December. Have you prepared for these coming events? Anyway, has already prepared huge Destiny 2 Items, Destiny 2 Glimmer and more for you, just come and buy!