Destiny 2 Guide: How To Farm Faction Rally Tokens Fast in 2018

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Basically, you’ll want to take advantage of the world map to complete as many activities as possible, while avoiding the slower activities that earn more tokens, but take a lot longer to finish. The old method to farm Faction Tokens - entering and exiting a particular Lost Sector - has been fixed in Destiny 2. Now, you can only open one Lost Sector chest per 15-20 minutes.

1.Before you get into the fastest way to earn tokens currently and legitimately, here’s everything that gives you tokens, broken down.

What Gives You Faction Tokens:
10-18 Tokens on first Nightfall completion [1 per character, 1 per week]
5-9 Tokens per Strike completion
5 Tokens per Heroic Public Event
5 Tokens per Crucible win
2 Tokens per Crucible loss
3 Tokens for all teammates per Lost Sector Chest opened

2.The best way is to run between Heroic Public Events and Lost Sectors. Here’s how you’ll want to farm.

Faction Rally Farming Method:
Go to Earth / Nessus - both have lots of Public Events to join.
Find a Public Event. If there’s a few minutes before it starts, hop into a nearby Lost Sector and grab a chest. Only one chest is necessary. After getting the chest, go ahead and leave.
Run Heroic Public Events with your team. You’ll see timers on your map, making it easy to hop to new events as they start and join in.
After 20~ minutes or so, dive into another Lost Sector between Public Events.
While running around, you can also find enemy supplies — kill the runner for 1 Token, then the boss that appears for 4 more Tokens.
Basically, you’ll just want to fast travel around Earth / Nessus, hopping into Heroic Public Events and completing them. When you’ve got a few minutes free, dive into a Lost Sector and get the chest for an easy extra set of tokens. It’s simple, straightforward, and earns about 80 tokens per hour.

Just to compare, completing Crucible matches will earn you a grand total of 30 tokens per hour, and that’s if you win every match. Completing strikes will only get you 18 or so tokens per hour if you’re lucky. Running Heroic Public Events, hunting supply enemies, and dropping into Lost Sectors is by far the best farming method currently.

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