Destiny 2 Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps Details Revealed will introduce Destiny 2 flashpoint location and treasure maps to you today. As you know, Warmind offered new content for players to dig their teeth into and also introduced plenty of free quality of life updates for all players. Now there’s a whole brand new week of Destiny 2 content to dig into.

If you want to get a higher Power Cap, earning new powerful rewards will certainly help in that goal. Below, we’ve listed out something you need to know about Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps during the week of May 15. By the way, Destiny 2 items are hot sale at, don’t miss it!

With a new expansion pack out on store shelves, naturally, the Flashpoint has, of course, moved to the Hellas Basin on Mars. Unfortunately, this also prevents non-Warmind owners from being able to complete the milestone for this week, which hurts just a bit more than normal considering the powerful rewards are a good way to advance beyond the new soft level cap of 345. Just like the other locations in the game, participate in any Public Events that spawn on Mars. Keep in mind that Escalation Protocol missions do not count towards this milestone.

With the Flashpoint set on Mars, the treasure chests are also open only to Warmind players this week. Speak to Cayde-6 at the Tower to purchase his three treasure maps. As always, the maps activate little treasure icons on the Mars minimap. Even in the new location, the potential loot remains largely the same ranging from rare gear, tokens, and shaders to unique emblems and exotic engrams.

How to find these three chests?

Glacial Drift: Upon loading in, head up the left path towards the large building and little roadway. The treasure is sitting inside an open storage bin.

Braytech Futurescape

a. Spawn into the Futurescape landing zone and immediately head back towards the Glacial Drift zone. In the narrow road passageway, the chest can be found inside an open storage container.

b. From there, head back north into the Futurescape area into the large building with Ana Bray. Your next destination is to the left through the doors with the flashing blue light into a zone known as Aurora Reach. Continue running through the first room, head through the door on the left and then head through a door that leads outside. Avoid or fight the Hive, run through the door with the orange/red floor and continue moving through the small tube into the next room. Once inside Mindlab: Raspitun, run through to the back of the room, head to the right side and run up the scaffolding on the left side. Once at the top, jump to the middle platform, and head to the far side of the platform. The chest is hidden on a small platform that you’ll need to jump on a nearby pipe to get to. A lot of work, so hopefully the reward was worth it.

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