Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris: Best Tips To Help You Open The Lighthouse Chest

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The professional Destiny 2 Items shop, would like to share the best tips with you. When you first enter the Lighthouse social space in Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion, you'll notice a chest locked behind a gate just below the walkway on the left. However, it can only be opened by interacting with books you find in the room in a particular order within a specific time limit. To help you nab the chest of loot in the Lighthouse, we've detailed everything you need to do below.

1. When you enter the room, run to the middle where Brother Vance is standing. Look to the desk on the left to find the first book. The next book is on a shelf at the eastern corner of the room (east in accordance to your orientation upon entering the room). You'll notice if from the distinctive glowing symbol that emanates from it.

2. Look to the torch west of the entrance. The book should be on the floor between the torch and a bookshelf ladder. Head back to where you found the second book, and stand at the table across from it. Look for the distinctive glowing symbol.

3. The last book is high up on a shelf to the right of the stone slab with the eye symbol. You'll need to jump to reach it. Once you've interacted with all the books, a conflux will pop up back near the fourth book's location. Interact with it to drop the barrier blocking the region chest near the entrance. You're now free to open the chest to nab a Legendary Engram, a Shader, and a redeemable coin. 

The expansion has made some major balance changes to the game. Numerous weapon types have been buffed or nerfed, and further tweaks to Destiny 2 are coming soon as part of another big December update. The next patch will add Masterworks weapons, which should give hardcore players in particular some much-needed variety. 

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