Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris DLC Details Revealed

Curse Of Osiris, Destiny 2’s first big expansion, Launches tomorrow across all three platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. According to Bungie, he has shared some details about launch time and pre-loading, and it's also delivered a new trailer highlighting some of the DLC's new content. Get more information, please focus on We would like to share the latest news with you, just read on!

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When you can play Curse Of Osiris?
Pre-loading will be available, but not especially far in advance. Players who pre-order the DLC won't be able to start downloading it until 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT on December 5 (3 AM AET on December 6). Launch day will also see another maintenance period, although an exact schedule or timetable for this hasn't been announced. Curse of Osiris will be officially released once maintenance concludes. 

How big is the download size of the base game?
In order to pre-load, you'll need to ensure you have enough storage space. Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris will take up 44 GB of storage on PS4 and Xbox One and 68 GB on PC. But due to the way the PS4 handles installation, players on Sony's platform will need twice as much free space — a total of 88 GB — to download and install the expansion.

What will be introduced into Curse of Osiris?
There will be at least one piece of PS4-exclusive content in Curse of Osiris: a Crucible map called Wormhaven, which is set in the New Pacific Arcology on Titan. Including Wormhaven, the expansion will feature three new player-versus-player maps on PS4, and two on PC and Xbox One. Curse of Osiris will also introduce a mini-raid known as a “raid lair”; a new campaign centered on the titular Warlock; a playable zone on Mercury called the Fields of Glass; and a Vex simulation of reality, the Infinite Forest, with varied encounters, settings and timelines.

How much will you cost if you get the Curse of Osiris?
Curse of Osiris is the first half of Destiny 2’s Expansion Pass, which costs $34.99. Each of the add-ons will be sold individually for $19.99, although the stand-alone version of Curse of Osiris won’t be available to buy until tomorrow; for now, you can only pre-order it as part of the Expansion Pass or one of Destiny 2’s special editions.

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