Destiny 2 Adds New Modes and Iron Banner Changes into Update 1.1.4

According to the latest update for Destiny 2, new modes and some Iron Banner changes have been added into update 1.1.4. Focus on and learn the detailed information about this new update 1.1.4.

As you know, developer Bungie announced that the game next update will bring original Destiny’s Iron Banner to Destiny 2. If you need cheapest Destiny 2 Currency or destiny 2 items, will offer you best service and high quality. 

“Iron Banner will channel that old-school Crucible in the style of the Iron Lords,” said PvP design lead Derek Carroll. ‘We’ve made a number of tweaks to the gameplay besides increasing team sizes to 6v6.” Check out the full list from Bungie:

Match time limit is 12 minutes
Score limit is 125 points
Respawn time is 7 seconds
All control zones start off neutral
Control zones take slightly longer to capture by default
Additional Guardians (max of 3) in a zone increases capture speed
Guardians participating in a capture get more Super energy

As for that weekly rotating playlist, Bungie had this to offer:

“Rumble will make its triumphant return, with no excuses, no complications, and absolutely no points for ‘assists’. You get a single point when you get a kill, just like in the golden age of video games. Oh, and this time, we increased the player count to eight.
Mayhem is still Mayhem.
These three modes will share a central location on the Crucible Director page, and rotate weekly to keep things fresh. This Weekly Featured playlist will be home to gametypes that don’t necessarily fit into the existing Quickplay or Competitive playlists.
The Mode Formerly Known as “Doubles” is in its chrysalis, making a slow transition from what you played during Crimson Days to become a beautiful butterfly. We love the way it played in Crimson Days, but felt like we could take it further and give it more polish and flexibility. Once we lock that down, we’ll release it into the Weekly Featured rotating playlist with the other fun stuff.”

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