Destiny 2’s 6v6 Iron Banner Postponed

Bungie announced that 6v6 Iron Banner in Destiny 2 would be postponed due to a late-breaking issue discovered in internal testing. Some interesting information on Iron Banner 6v6, Rumble, and weapons changes for Destiny 2 were provided in the Bungie Weekly Update. is the best site to offer latest news, please read on!

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6v6 Iron Banner was set to make a comeback in Destiny 2 after high demand for a return to Destiny 1-inspired Crucible matches. However, 6v6 is on the backburner until the game-breaking bug can be fixed. During internal testing, Bungie found that when certain score and game timer conditions were met, all players were booted back to orbit with ANTEATER errors.

Instead of Iron Banner, Rumble will be the weekly Crucible playlist next week. Rumble was criticized for poor spawn mechanics when it was introduced in Destiny 2, but Bungie is lowering Rumble’s player count to six to (hopefully) alleviate this issue. This change comes with Hotfix, which will go live alongside the weekly reset.

The Destiny 2 community takes the good with the bad because alongside the disappointment of the Iron Banner delay, fans are curious about the game’s upcoming DLC, which Bungie has started teasing. The community is rather mixed on the upcoming DLC, as fans were generally disappointed with the Curse of Osiris DLC that launched back in December.

Perhaps to better prepare and tweak the DLC, Bungie is bringing in a slew of popular content creators, like KingGothalion and Slayerage, to playtest for a future update. The Community Summit is also meant to bridge the gap between developers and the community, as many of these content creators share similar views to their communities. Hopefully this will help prevent issues, like the Iron Banner bug, from going unnoticed until the week before an event goes live.

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