Bungie Released Next Week’s Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

Bungie today announced a full novel of patch notes when Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 hits on Tuesday, and the update will brings unique Nightfall Strike rewards. This article will introduce the main changes and tell you what rewards you will get in update 1.1.4.

The Go Fast Update will include repeat reduction mechanics, faster patrol beacon activation, and will fix some small but notable issues. While is offering awesome Destiny 2 Items and Destiny 2 Currency with cheap and fast delivery, if you need, welcome to our site to enjoy our reasonable price and best customer service.

1.Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 Upcoming Changes and Fixes

Tuesday:When playing strike or Crucible activities, “repeat reduction” will be introduced to prevent players from having to play the same strike or crucible map many times in succession
Exotic repetition reduction will prevent players from receiving the same Exotic reward multiple times in a row from Exotic engrams (Players can still receive repeated Exotic rewards from Milestones and other sources)
Increased the max power handicap from 40 to 45 on the Nightfall Challenge Card
The timer to activate patrols has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second
Fixed an issue where players could be prevented from reaching the boss encounter of “A Garden World”
Fixed an issue where some Emblems were not displaying what statistic they track
Fixed an issue where applying or previewing a shader on an item would return players to the top page of the shader inventory

2.What Rewards will be offered?

Update 1.1.4 will introduce unique Nightfall Strike rewards. The Nightfall unique rewards in Destiny 2 have a chance to drop by completing any Nightfall activity, with Challenge Card modifiers (introduced in last months update 1.1.3) increasing your chances at getting one. Each specific strike will have a unique reward attached to it, giving players a chance at one specific item per week. Bungie made it very clear that these will be tough to get and pretty rare drops.

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