A Non-Linear Story Coming to Destiny 2: Forsaken

Hi, destiny 2 players. As the official website showed, we got a news that destiny 2 forsaken will feature a non-linear story into game. Do you want to know what the story is? Please read on this post and you will get the detailed information.

According to Bungie, Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion marks a major shift in storytelling style, moving from tales of hope and redemption to an epic western revenge plot. While Destiny 2’s base campaign, and subsequent DLC campaigns, were linear in nature, Bungie is letting Forsaken owners tackle the new story in whatever order they choose. is offering cheap destiny 2 items for you.

What will be added into Forsaken’s story?
Forsaken’s story revolves around hunting down Uldren Sov, Cayde-6’s killer, and bringing him to justice the old-fashioned way. But Uldren Sov is not the only target for guardians in the story, there are eight Barons that the guardian must hunt down before finally defeating Prince Uldren. According to Bungie, players will be able to hunt down the Barons in any order they choose, though some will be more difficult because of Power Level.

The Barons are powerful members of the new race in Forsaken, The Scorn, who played a large role in the prison break that led to Cayde’s death. The Scorn are a new race (or subrace) coming to Forsaken. According to Bungie, they are undead Fallen, resurrected by some unknown force. The Barons, and Uldren, lead these forces as they cause chaos in the solar system.

What contents will be added into Forsaken?
Forsaken is adding a lot of content to Destiny 2, as it is the largest expansion Bungie has created for Destiny – even bigger than The Taken King. Forsaken adds a new story, new lore, new collections, a new PvPvE game mode, and a ton of sweeping quality of life changes. If Bungie gets Forsaken right, it could mean a big step forward toward earning fan loyalty back. Warmind was a step in the right direction, but Forsaken could be the new breath of life that the game really needs.

Bungie is clearly focusing more on storytelling with this expansion, even tying the raid into the overarching story. Hopefully Bungie will be able to pull off this epic space western that will leave fans satisfied by the end of the expansion.

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