A Brand New Destiny 2 Puzzle Discovered This Week

Hey, friends! Welcome to As usual, we will bring a latest news about a brand new Destiny 2 puzzle with you, which is discovered this week by players and solved early this morning, led not to an exotic weapon or a secret quest, but a real-life treasure cache in upstate New York, containing gold coins and a spear based on Warmind’s Valkyrie. Read on!

The puzzle, which started off as a symbol within the AI Rasputin’s bunker in the newest expansion and turned out to be an elaborate cipher, required a massive crowdsourcing effort to solve. By the way, is definitely a perfect pace to buy destiny 2 items with cheap price.

Inside was an incredible treasure—a spear based on the Valkyrie, a weapon you can find and temporarily use during certain missions and activities in Warmind.

A massive team of gamers investigating an area in Destiny 2's new Warmind expansion decoded an elaborate cipher puzzle that, in the end, produced a message with geographical coordinates in upstate New York (conveniently, near the home of Warmind developer Vicarious Visions). That, in turn, led to a very tangible prize that included not only coins (one for each person who visits), but a life-size replica of the Valkyrie weapon from the game -- the only example you'll find outside of Bungie and Vicarious Visions.

While it’s a shame that this spear can’t go to all of the intrepid secret hunters who collaborated to find this, it’s wonderful to see a Destiny that’s full of mystery once more. The geocache is a bid to drum up hype for Warmind, to be sure. Even so, it's notable that it was in the game to begin with. Bungie and its partner studios have been steadily addressing complaints about Destiny 2, but there haven't been many particularly deep secrets among them. Puzzles like this give players a reason to stay invested in the game... even if it involves venturing outside the game.

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