• Delivery

    1.How the gold delivery work?
    We delivery gold Face-to-Face, or through in-game mail, AH. Usually fast and safe.

    2.How long is the eta?
    Delivery normally in 10-15mins after you buy and log online if we have enough stock.

    3.What should I do if I met pro of the delivery?
    Please feel free to contact asap to let us know the problem, we will help solve it at the first time.

    4.Is it safe to buy from you guys?
    You please no worry about it, we do delivery in various method, and 100% manual work guarantee. It's safe, we never met problem till now.

    5.The delivery guy ask me to give gold back for a screenshot, why?
    Attention to the crook plz! Do not give back your gold to anyone although, with the same char with our delivery, that must be the crook. :) There are many bad guys cheat gold in the game when the gold trade was done, they pretend to be our trader and ask gold return for some reason, Please just ignore this kind of guy if you met.

  • Contact

    1.I've purchased, how do i get it?
    Thanks for your order and support. Please contact us by Live-support or email us to to get gold/items delivered. Also can get touch with skype:raiditemcs

    2.Will I get an inform email for my order?
    Sure we will send the new order received confirmation email and the completion email to you. And any update of orders we will email you to know. We will keep a close contact during orders.

    3.How do I check on the status of my order?
    If you would like to track your order, please log into our live chat online service and one of our customer service representatives will assist you straight away. Or email to

  • Payment

    1.What forms of payment does accept?
    We accept payment through a Paypal account, Credit Card, Visa, Skrill, Paymentwall, and West Union. They are easy to pay!

    2.I use CC, why cannot deliver the payment?
    Credit Card also pay through PayPal account. You please select "Credit Card" or"Visa" after add items in cart, then it open paypal payment page, select "Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card" blew the "Pay with my PayPal account". You can use CC or debit card now.

    3.It said my money was on an E-check?
    PayPal protect the financial safe of both of us. They will investigate some payment for some reason, and inform us to ship goods once it clears. E-check payment need 3-5 days to clear, under review need 24hrs to clear. Please kindly wait for PayPal clear it.

    4.I want my money back, how does it works?
    We guarantee refund before delivery complete. You please contact through email or live chat to ask a refund.
    If we finished partial order, will talk with you and refund partial.

  • Account

    1.So I cannot play during you leveling my account?
    Yes you can, we normally log for few hrs a day, other time is free for you to play. Just inform us before you log, we can log out.

    2.Can I play WoW while you play my Diablo3?
    Yes. Games for Blizzard can play at the same time.
    Besides, you can play wow1 while we play wow2.

    3.How do I unlock my account?
    It is much easier to unlock account now. After account locked, Blizzard willsend you a security code to unlock it, please send the code to you, we will unlock and get in to start order.

    4.Will I get banned for sharing account?
    We do 100% manual powerleveling, and not do any trade on account, so it's safe. No worry please.